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Digital Automotive Coating Thickness Gauge DPM-816 (black)

Digital Automotive Coating Thickness Gauge DPM-816.

- Measurement range: 0-99 mil / 0-3000 mkm / 0-3 mm
- Wide operating temperature range -13 to 104 F (-25 to 40 С)
- Paint thickness gauge works on steel (Fe) and aluminum (nFe) panels
- Automatic recognition for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
- Measurement units: Mil / Micrometre / Millimetre


The device DPM-816 is used to measure thickness of various non-metallic coatings (paint, primer etc) over metallic base (steel, iron, alloys, aluminum etc).
An example of case for use would be to measure paint layer thickness of car body panels.

The device has the following features:
- Professional paint meter (Precise measurements)
- Pressure stabilization of the probe
- 3 Operating modes A,M,P + Only Fe and Only NFe
- Resolution: 0.1 mil / 1 mkm / 0.01 mm
- Measurement deviation (0-28 mil): ± 1% + 0.1 mil
- Measurement deviation (28-99 mil): ± 1% + 0.4 mil
- Automatic power and backlight off switch
- Powered by 1.5V AAA battery
- Battery indicator
- Two-point calibration
- 6-point calibration

You can use the device to find car body parts that undergone repair and repainting.
For more precise measurement the device is equipped with pressure stabilization sensor.
The probe has the sensitive part of just 2 mm in diameter.
Therefore, in order to get precise measurement, it’s required to have only small area of the surface cleaned from dust and dirt.
This will allow you to make measurements of the body panels of the car without washing the whole vehicle.

Included in the set:
- Digital coating thickness gauge (the device).
- Aluminum calibration base.
- Steel calibration base.
- Calibration plate 27,5 mil thick.
- Calibration plate 39,4 mil thick.
- User Manual.

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The device is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 full year since the day of purchase.

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Digital Automotive Coating Thickness Gauge DPM-816 (black)